The Last Of The Roughing-Out


We lowered Bardiglio back to earth then lay him on his side.

I took this opportunity to cut off the base attached to the feet and work the under belly.


The original cut on the block was not level so this is the moment of finding the plane on the underside of the feet and drilling holes for the underpinning.

We raised Barbiglio up and onto some blocks of marble so that I am still able to work on the feet.


Yes ! EARTHQUAKE not only do I have floods to contend with but also a grade 5 earthquake radiating from Parma. But in fact I did not notice anything. I was far to engrossed with Bardiglio.    Half an hour later I when to the Bar for a hot chocolate and encountered the bar lady peeved that she had also missed the tremor because at just that moment she happend to be moving the fridge with her colleague.

(Please be assured Bardiglio is still standing safe and sound).

Soon though, he will be walking away..

As you can see I have cut off all the head points. Now I will work 'by eye' in resolving the stone which I have left in front of me.


At The Other Studio Last Year...

In the Autumn of last year during the conception of this project I made some skin trials.

This chunck of bardglio marble is called 'Nuvellato', grey with distinctive white cloudy veining.


Thee Bardiglio', is of a quality called 'Imperiale', which is more homogeneous in colour with subtle veining.

We are about to receive some freeezing weather for this first week of February, so  I'll leave you with this image to warm the soul's .


A type of 'Mitrophora Hybrida' growing out from the papyrus.


It's time to begin the finishing!!!





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