The journey is at an end !!! After a year of meticulous work, blood, sweat and tears, Bardiglio is finished !!!

The 7,000 kg block of  bardiglio, Carrara marble  is now 2,300 kg.

My vision was to interpret the stylised graphic model provided by "Elephant Parade", through a visceral approach in the creation of the skin of the elephant. -So that the skin not only looks like but feels like that of an elephant.

Here is Bardiglio parked on one huge block of marble over the summer, awaiting finishing touches.

After the summer spent moving around Europe I am back in Pietrasanta.


With great adherence to the idea of patience being a virtue, Bardiglio the marble elephant has to come to life, he is complete !!!

Making the windows to a soul.





Thank you Barbara Agostini for providing some great photographic material, including the following series of action shots.










I moved Bardiglio to the packing area.


It  was a good opportunity to get him on the scales.


A last scrub down with water and a little acid

He is now ready for the crate.

Bardiglio is now in a Crate and soon he will be travelling to Luxemburg-Trier. He will take part in the upcoming public exhibition organised by the "Elephant Parade", Trier-Luxemburg commencing 19th July  2013.

After the exposition Bardiglio will be sold a auction. A large portion of the proceeds being donated in aid of  " The Asian Elephant Foundation.ORG"

For further information don't hesitate to contact "Elephant Parade", via their website, or contact  me via this blog or email:

Thank you to all the people involved in helping to make this vision a reality.


Jens Klelund...




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  • Brian
    6 years ago -

    There is not enough words to describe my admiration for your skills and artistic talent, especially when I know how hard you have worked to create Bardiglio, and now the result speaks for it self.
    Wishing you the success and recognition you deserve.
    Love Babo.