I see light at the end of the tunnel

I know that Bardiglio is only a little elephant but realising my vision for him has turned out to be a mammoth project. Creating the skin has been a testament to the patience and endurance needed to achive such a result.

This is an example of the claw shaped chisel I have used in order to create the skin.

This bardiglio marble is quite hard, excellent for a sculpture of this nature but not so good for the tools. Even the hardened steel inserts needed for this stone did not last long.

These are the wasted chisels which Bardiglio and I have consumed.





Latest Comments

  • Joselito Campos
    7 years ago -

    My wife and I have always been interested in acquiring one of the elephants in Elephant Parade but have been worried that it cannot take the elements like sun and rain for very long. Are you planning to sell the marble elephant you made? Congratulations on a very fine workmanship and art.

    • jens
      7 years ago -

      Thank you for your comment. The Marble Elephant will be part of an upcoming Elephant Parade exhibition, likely it will be Luxembourg in Autumn 2013. After the exhibition Bardiglio will be sold at auction.