Jens has a natural affiliation with materials and his forms are driven by the different mediums in which he works. Stone, wood and bronze are used by the artist for their unique properties, each material lending itself toward an individual means of expression.

The stone
I feel in awe of a material so ancient and bold. I strive to bring out the beauty from within, searching for the sole of the sculpture. Purely abstract or representational, my aim is to refine line and volume to reveal the true essence of the subject. For me the greatness of this material is enough inspiration in itself.

The wood
I love to work with timber for its warmth, smell and organic irregularity. I react to a piece of timber by reading into its inherent underlying form. I feel I am revealing something which already exists, trapped within the tree. As the sculpture progresses a dialog takes place. Only after a long period of intimacy does the work take on a surreal embodiment of figures, animals or abstraction which emerges from within.

The bronze
I use the figure as means of expression in the bronzes I have produced. I find the plasticity of modeling allows me to play with the subtle complexities and expressive nature of the human form. Works take on a narrative sense each piece telling its own story with feeling and emotion. Fascinated by the science and complexities involved in the making of bronze sculpture this medium is taking me on an endless road of discovery.