Making Bardiglio the marble elephant

The Journey’s End.

The journey is at an end !!! After a year of meticulous work, blood, sweat and tears, Bardiglio is finished !!! The 7,000 kg block of  bardiglio, Carrara marble  is now 2,300 kg. My vision was to interpret the stylised […]

The End In Sight

I see light at the end of the tunnel I know that Bardiglio is only a little elephant but realising my vision for him has turned out to be a mammoth project. Creating the skin has been a testament to the patience […]

Finishing Part 2

Special thanks to Barbara Agostini for providing the latest photography.              

Finishing – Bringing Bardiglio To Life

Great !!!  Finally February has past and Spring is beginning to show off her colours. Now comes the fun part ! FINISHING – resolving the details and revealing the skin of the elephant. I achieve this skin effect by breaking […]

The Last Of The Roughing-Out

  We lowered Bardiglio back to earth then lay him on his side. I took this opportunity to cut off the base attached to the feet and work the under belly.   The original cut on the block was not […]

Welcome 2012

Well… for about a week I’ve had my head in a hole eating a lot of marble dust. In-fact most of this month has been about reaching those hard to get places. Working with long extensions is very cumbersome and time consuming. […]

Bardiglio Got A Raise

It’s time to reposition things so that I can work on the legs. Orlando’s off with a load! Bye Bye to a couple of Tons Now we fix a new cross. (Paulo loves to watch resin whilst it cures…)   […]

Pointing / Roughing Out

Fast forwarding a few weeks. here’s some progress.   In the mean time we had some seriously heavy rainstorms.  Some areas nearby, (northen Tuscany) experienced heavy flooding and sadly several fatalities. I guess I can count myself lucky only having to deal […]

Making Cross And Setting Points

The time has come to determine the precise orientation of Bardiglio in the stone. Three points are fixed onto the model. These ‘head points’ will host the cross and the mechanism which is used to read a point from the […]

Roughing Out

Ok the block in position and it’s time to start knocking off chunks of marble. It does not take long before the form becomes recognisable.