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Setting Up The Stone

Paolo experiencing an apparition After Paolo’s special moment Orlando drops the block into position where I will begin knocking out the form. Orlando shows off his crane driving skills by balancing on two wheels.

Drilling With The Big Hilti

I marked the silhouette of the elephant to see where to drill.  This Hilti is a great piece of equipment. Again it cuts with water and diamonds but also works with a compressor that keeps it suctioned onto the face […]

On The Big Saw

The first action was to cut the block close to its final dimensions. A diamond coated wire runs with water through the marble. This process involved lots of moving and flipping the block into position for the cuts.          

Making Bardiglio The Marble Elephant – The Journey Begins !!!

The elephant has been a great inspiration previously in my work and is in part what has led me to embark upon this project, to make a life-size marble elephant, a collaboration together with the ‘Elephant Parade’, in order to […]